Use the adjective "creationary" if it is useful (revised message).

Mark Siddall msiddall at umich.edu
Wed Apr 30 16:09:37 EST 1997

Hans-Frederich's arguments are interesting.  However, we scientists do
not use "creation" as a sloppy alternative to "creationary" as would
appear at first.

The use of the word "creation" in relation to our detractors is not ad
hominen.  It relates to the fact that this is specifically a
neo-conservative puritanical literalist christian reading of the

To use creationary would admit all 'creationary' theologies into the
pool which we cast 'creation' arguments.  But these others (in general)
are not trying to subvert science.  Thus, our use of the word is
intended to be specific.. almost a proper name noun.  To change it would


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