Which is the MULTIPLE ALIGNMENT code that can be INTERFACED most EASILY ?

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> ClustalW 1.6 usually does an acceptable job, even with sequences rich
> in gaps. With sequences of very different lengths it tends to fail
> miserably, though, and I'm not sure how it'll handle very small
> sequences like yours. Profile alignment usually works in v1.6, which
> was not the case in v1.5.
	ClustalW is now version 1.7 and accepts GCG9 multiple sequence
file formats (MSF/RSF) as input. Also, we have done some improvements on
the alfgorithm, especially for highly divregent sequences. ClustalW1.6
has a bug in the GOP calculation and misplaced some residues at 
gap opening positions.

	Please update your programme from :


	Also, give a try to ClustalX (1.5b), which is a GUI for ClustalW 
and has some analysis tools.

	Feel free to contact me for any question.
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