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Francois Jeanmougin pingouin at chouchen.u-strasbg.fr
Wed Aug 6 02:07:59 EST 1997

In article < at gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu>,
	qfang at GASOU.EDU ("Q. Quentin Fang") writes:
> Hi there:
> I need to run x-window on my PC (petium 166, Window95 4.0) by connecting
> to a Sun Sparc Station which is not in my lab.  How can I do this?  Do I
> have to buy PC X-window software package, or is there a free software
> program that I can download?  Does Linux will be OK? 

	Sure Linux would be OK, I'm working all the day on Linux,
but you have to choose at the boot time for Linux or Win.
In the other hand, I don't write a paper while working on the
sequences, so it's not a big problem.
	Linux would also be faster and more flexible than an X server.

	I don't know if there is a free X server for win, sorry.


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