Need your help.

Ilya Schestopalov isch364 at student.umass.edu
Wed Aug 6 02:47:26 EST 1997

pingouin at chouchen.u-strasbg.fr (Francois Jeanmougin) wrote:
> > I need to run x-window on my PC (petium 166, Window95 4.0) by connecting
> > to a Sun Sparc Station which is not in my lab.  How can I do this?  Do I
> > have to buy PC X-window software package, or is there a free software
> > program that I can download?  

X-Windows emulation in MS-Windows is a perversion. Just get Linux, you won't
be sorry.

> > Does Linux will be OK? 
> 	Sure Linux would be OK, I'm working all the day on Linux,
> but you have to choose at the boot time for Linux or Win.

Yes, linux is the best solution. "xhost +", telnet to workstation, set
display to your linux machine ("setenv DISPLAY yourIP:0" for tcsh and
csh, or "export DISPLAY=yourIP:0" for bash)

> In the other hand, I don't write a paper while working on the
> sequences, so it's not a big problem.

Why write papers in Win when Linux would normally have emacs, LaTeX, dvips,
ghostview and all; what's wrong with it?


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