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>Hi there:

>I need to run x-windows on my PC (petium 166, Window95 4.0) by connecting
>to a Sun Sparc Station which is not in my lab.  How can I do this?  Do I
>have to buy PC X-window software package, or is there a free software
>program that I can download?  Does Linux will be OK? 

I use X-Win32, that you can obtain (seems to be free!) from StarNet 
(ftp.starnet.com/files/xwin32). Works fine (for me) from Win3.11 and 95. I use 
it to access GCG under WPI.

But as Francois says in another answer to your post, Linux is a better 
solution if you don't need your Win environment at the same time


>Your help will be greatly appreciated.

>Best wishes.


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