FINAL CALL FOR TESTERS: Genography Project

Eric Minch  minch at crick.Stanford.EDU
Sun Aug 10 14:35:08 EST 1997

Dear colleagues--

The U.S. National Science Foundation has granted us some funding for our 
"Genography" database on the basis of its prototype implementation. The goals 
of this project are to update and extend the set of data used in _History and 
Geography of Human Genes_, to implement as production-quality programs many 
of the methods for statistical data analysis which have been developed in 
this laboratory, and to make the data and ancillary analytical programs 
available to researchers on the internet.

Development of the prototype was driven more by the engineering possibilities 
than by the unknown requirements of unknown users. It's clearly important, 
however, that the database be made as broadly accessible and useful as 
possible. Ideally, this means that everyone affected by it should be involved 
in its design from the very outset. In return for your help in defining the 
requirements and critiquing the evolving design, we can provide to you data 
and software not easily available elsewhere.

If you are interested in participating, please reply to me at 
minch at lotka.stanford.edu. More details are available at the Genography web 
page, http://lotka.stanford.edu/genography.html/.

	Eric Minch

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