A possible definition of life.

idiot idiot at hell
Wed Aug 13 13:53:56 EST 1997

> I think this is rather limited thinking. Why must all life consist of
> 3D physical replicating machines? I see no reason at all why computer
> creatures evolved internally within a virtual world of a computer could
> not be alive. For all you know *we* all might just be an elaborate
> computer program running on 'God's computer!

Hey, mind sendin me some of that stuff your smokin? thats far out there
man. i mean way out. its possible there are no computers too, i am just
imagining them right now, when i wake up i will be searching for food out
on the tundra of an ancient earth. besides god doesn't have a computer...
too much porn on the internet.
> (As an aside - this is one of those things that religious people have an
> easy answer for: something is 'alive' if it has a soul. Shame I'm not
> regious...)

If your not regious, then you must be Cathie Lee....sorry couldn't resist. 

            Ba Ba booie

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