New release: Web-Accessible Organelle Database

Pierre Rioux riouxp at BCH.UMontreal.CA
Mon Aug 18 06:18:39 EST 1997

Version 2.0 of the Organelle Genome Database (GOBASE), which provides 
a powerful tool for mitochondrial gene and genome research, has been 

The GOBASE database currently contains

   * all mitochondrial nucleic acid and deduced protein sequences,
     obtained from the NCBI Entrez database

   * extract functions for DNA and protein sub-sequences (coding region,
     gene, exon, intron, etc.)

   * taxonomic information extracted from the NCBI Taxon database

   * standardized gene names and product names, assigned by the GOBASE
     biology experts

   * basic information about gene products such as type, function, 
     enzyme complex

   * hyperlinks to the Entrez/NCBI database, allowing lookups, 
     neighbors etc

   * hyperlinks to the intron (Gutell) and ribosomal RNA secondary 
     structure (Gutell, Schnare and Gray) databases

   * hyperlinks to the MendelDB, a database of designations for
     sequenced plant genes 

   * hyperlinks to the ENZYME and EcoCyc enzymatic databases

   * hyperlinks to the collections of mitochondrial genetic maps
     of the Organelle Genome Megasequencing Program (OGMP) and the
     Fungal Mitochondrial Genomes Project (FMGP) 

   * hyperlinks to the Protist Image Database (PID).

In addition to tying together the mitochondrial (and soon also
chloroplast) sequence data that have been difficult to locate 
due to name inconsistencies and various errors, GOBASE allows highly
sophisticated queries including the use of search criteria such 
as general function of product, taxonomic group, complete genome 
sequence, genetic code or, in near future, gene name synonyms.
A taxonomic grouping in addition to that of the NCBI taxonomic 
scheme has been established, to  better reflect current views. 
Most importantly, the majority of data contained in GOBASE have 
been verified and rectified by experts, especially with respect 
to the consistency of gene and product nomenclature.

For more details, see 


For further information or comments, please email to

    gobase at megasun.bch.umontreal.ca

		   The GOBASE team

	Gertraud Burger		Implementation by:
	Michael W. Gray		Maria Korab-Laskowska
	Franz B. Lang		Pierre Rioux
	Tim Littlejohn		Nicolas Brossard

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