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     The First Internet-Extended Bioinformatics conference will be held from 
Monday Nov 17 -> Friday Nov 28 1997 and will combine the use of a virtual 
conference and workshop (http://www.vei.co.uk/bioinfiec1/)followed by a
physical conference and workshop
in the Paragon hotel in London, UK.  The virtual conference and workshop will
run from Nov 17, the physical workshop will take place on Nov 26 and  the
physical conference on Nov 27-28.

     The focus of the conference is on the methods of bioinformatics  and
their application to current topical areas of research including genomics,
datamining, lead drug discovery, sequence retrieval, alignment and
modelling, molecular evolution, phylogenetic analysis, genetic variation,
functional analysis and visualisation. A special feature of the event will
be the use of Internet technology to enhance and extend the activities of
the event both in the
use and demonstration of methods and software and in the extension of the
physical event to include virtual activities before and during the
physical conference.
Bioinformatics has unique and significant activities in both the  private
and public sectors and the target audience for the physical conference will
be senior researchers and managers in both. The virtual facilities will
also extend the event to a broader international audience both to
corporate intranets and
to academic researchers in remote locations.

     The virtual conference will allow the presentation of virtual lectures,
papers and posters via the WWW, their discussion in a real-time virtual
conference centre and the demonstration of methods, software and tools.
The virtual workshop will allow registrants to participate in tutorials and
applications over the Internet in the ten days proceeding the physical 
conference which will host an all-day hands-on physical
workshop at an on-site bank of computers with an Internet conection.

     The physical conference will consist of lectures, panel discussions, 
an electronic poster session, and exhibitor stands.  The lectures will be 
broadcast live over the Internet using audio, live cameras and a  virtual
slide facility with questions and comments accepted live from virtual

     Presentations for the virtual conference must be prepared in
Hypertext Markup 
Language (HTML) with figures in GIF or other Web-compatible formats so that 
participants can view the papers via the World Wide Web (The presentations
may also 
include enhancements such as 3D structures, VRML, Java, RealAudio,
Quicktime movies etc.) 
Powerpoint presentations will be used for the virtual presentation of
conference lectures. 
Aid and consultation is provided to participants who may address their
queries to the 
conference hot-line at bioinforg at vei.co.uk. Further details will be given
in the authors' 
guide accessible via http://www.vei.co.uk/bioinfiec1/.

     Conference sections by topic are: Molecular Evolution, Virology, 
Datamining; Lead Drug Discovery; Sequence retrieval, Alignment and Modelling;
Phylogenetic analysis; Genetic variation; Functional Analysis; Visualisation;
Population Analysis; Internet Databases & Information Retrieval;
Structural Biology;
HIV Modelling; Prions; and Applications in Cancer Research.

     During the virtual conference interaction, presentations and
discussions will take place 
via the Internet using a Java-based virtual conference centre, WWW-based
forums and an electronic mailing list. Before the conference, a 
timetable for lectures and discussion sessions for each section will be posted. 

     The virtual and physical workshops will cover topics including search
biological resources on the WWW, bibliographic databases, sequence
retrieval and alignment,
structure generation and advanced modelling and visualization techniques.

     The Conference will feature a Virtual Exhibition where sponsors and
exhibitors will 
be able to describe the activities of their organization, or display their
products and 
services and interact with registrants. Potential sponsors and exhibitors
should contact the 
conference organisers at bioinforg at vei.co.uk.

DEADLINES AND DATES               

1) DO NOW - The Bioinformatics Conference mailing list

Conference-related news and announcements will be posted regularly 
to the mailing list (bioinf at vei.co.uk).  If you are receiving this
message from the bioinf list you are already subscribed. 

If you wish to subscribe to the bioinf list send the following
one line message to bioinf-request at vei.co.uk:

subscribe bioinf at vei.co.uk your_email at address 

To unsubscribe send the following message:

unsubscribe bioinf at vei.co.uk your_email at address 

2) Registration

If you intend to participate in Bioinformatics IEC-1 please use the
special registration 
form accessible via http://www.vei.co.uk/bioinfiec1/.  The electronic 
registration will be used to construct a registrant database for the 
conference which will generate the conference mailing list and handle 
assignment of userids and passwords.

Virtual Conference & Virtual Workshop: 75 pounds (125 dollars)
(88 pounds inc. VAT) 
"Combined" Physical & Virtual Conference: 540 pounds (900 dollars)
(635 pounds inc. VAT) 
"Combined" Academic fee (limited availability): 180 pounds (300 dollars)
(212 pounds inc. VAT) 
Additional Fee for Physical Workshop Attendance: 200 pounds (335 dollars)
(235 pounds inc. VAT)

In addition it is necessary to pay for registration via ordinary 

Registration payments can be accepted by credit card,
direct bank transfer, cheque or bank draft.

Payment Instructions:

a) Credit Card

We can currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch or JCB.

Please send your credit card type, number and expiration date
a) regular mail to:
Bioinformatics IEC-1 Registration, VEI, Oxford Centre for Innovation, Mill
St, Oxford, OX2 0JX, UK.
b) fax to Bioinformatics IEC-1 Registration at +44 1865 793165
c) phone Bioinformatics IEC-1 Registration at +44 1865 793644 

b) Bank Transfer

Your payment can be made in sterling by direct bank transfer
into the following account:

Account Number: 20-6518 40787523
Account Name: Virtual Environments International Ltd
Bank: Barclays Bank, Oxford City Centre Branch,
P.O. Box 333, Oxford, OX1 3HS, UK

--Please ensure your full name is listed with the transfer details.
--You are responsible for any bank charges associated with the
transfer from your bank.
--Please notify us directly of your transfer payment at bioinforg at vei.co.uk.

c) Cheque/Bank Draft

Cheques or bank orders (in pounds or dollars) should be made out to
Virtual Environments International Ltd and mailed to:

Bioinformatics IEC-1 Registration, VEI, Oxford Centre for Innovation, Mill St,
Oxford, OX2 0JX, UK.

Acknowledgement of Registration and Payment:

When you first register at the conference site you should
receive an acknowledgement email with a password and userid.

After receipt of your registration fee you will
receive a further acknowledgement and your userid and password
will be validated to allow access to the conference site
(when it opens).

3) DEADLINE for receipt of ABSTRACT.  

The deadline for receipt of presentation abstracts is Oct 1. Email 
your abstract directly to bioinfabstracts at vei.co.uk. Fuller details of the 
scope of each section is given in the authors' guide accessible via 

Your abstract should be no longer than 300 words. And remember to 
state which forms of presentation you will use (virtual poster presentation, 
virtual lecture, physical poster presentation) you wish and which subject
section the 
presentation is being placed in. For example you 
could present a WWW poster on Visualization in the Virtual Conference and
accompany it 
with a physical poster at the physical conference.  Computers will be
available at the 
physical conference for the presentation and discussion of the virtual
posters and the 
demonstration of software and methods.  


The deadline for receipt of presentations is November 1.  You 
must deposit your text and graphics files at the conference ftp site following
the instructions available at http://www.vei.co.uk/bioinfiec1/. 

Any general e-mails (such as registration queries, maillist queries, 
HTML queries, password queries, timetable queries, general technical 
advice on browsers and graphics, etc) should be sent to:
bioinforg at vei.co.uk

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