postdoctoral opportunity

Monica Riley mriley at MBL.EDU
Thu Aug 21 10:54:13 EST 1997

Seeking a postdoctoral associate to join in work on genomics and 
molecular evolution. Ideally such a person would have a background in 
both computer science/programming and molecular biology.  The area of 
work is the molecular biology of Escherichia coli and the field of 
genomics. Focus is on the analysis of newly available sequences of all 
genomes from the point of view of predicting functions of the gene 
products and also from the point of view of the mechanisms of molecular 
evolution of all proteins of life. We are developing new automated 
approaches to comparative protein sequence analysis with emphasis on 
evolutionary relationships. There is a great deal of information residing 
in genomic sequences that is not presently being extracted using 
currently available tools. 
The work is carried out at the Bay-Paul Center for Comparative Biology 
and Molecular Evolution, Marine Biological Laboratory. The institution is 
in Woods Hole, MA, a small town with 6 scientific institutions, located 
on the southern coast of Massachusetts, 75 miles south of Boston.

Kindly send resume by post to Human Resources, MBL, 7 MBL St, Woods Hole, 
MA 02540 or by email to resume at mbl.edu.

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