Museum specimens as DNA sources?

Sikes dss95002 at uconnvm.uconn.edu
Thu Dec 4 10:30:05 EST 1997

Dear Molecular Evolutionists,

Does anyone know of a pubished study that employed old, museum specimens 
as sources of DNA for phylogenetics?  I am not interested in 
paleo-research and Ancient DNA, but rather would like to address the 
question of the efficiency and feasibility of using, often 
more-available, museum specimens rather than field-collected, freshly 
frozen specimens.

I know of Phillips & Simon's 1995 paper, which demonstrates that it is 
possible to use old specimens, but has anyone made it work for an entire 

Thank you,

Derek Sikes

Derek Sikes
Dept. of Ecology and Evol. Biology U-43
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269  USA

dss95002 at uconnvm.uconn.edu

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