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Joe Felsenstein joe at evolution.genetics.washington.edu
Sun Dec 7 10:38:02 EST 1997

In article <66d6pk$7gi at net.bio.net>, Mohammed Iqbal <newsmgr at merrimack.edu>
>Hi everybody!
>I'm working in rattan phylogenetic and I have Phylip for constructing
>phylogenetics tree, but I can't use this software there wasn't any manual
>book for it.  I hopefully ask if there are anyone that can told me how to
>use it.

Some "friend" has given you a partial copy of PHYLIP, which is not a friendly
thing to do.

PHYLIP contains many documentation files.  As you have HTML in your message,
I assume you have access to the Web.  You can fetch a complete copy of
PHYLIP, with the documentation, from

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