Molecular clock? [switch to Fixed Pitch Font to see the beautiful trees]

Joe Felsenstein joe at evolution.genetics.washington.edu
Sun Dec 7 10:37:13 EST 1997

In article <66caup$n4j at net.bio.net>,
Ludvig Mortberg  <lugmog96 at student.umu.se> wrote:
>Phylogenetic research today is based to a large extent on molecular
>data interpreted by computer programs that automatically generates
>trees. The assumptions behind these computer programs are seldomly
>discussed, if ever. Let's do just that; discuss the clock.
>Is there a clock?

Ludvig has repeatedly posted claims that phylogeny programs assume a
molecular clock.  He has repeatedly been told, by lots of people, that
they don't and asked to provide documentation that they do.  Now he's back
again saying the same thing.

Once again, he needs to be asked to provide evidence for his claims.  He
never has provided it in the (many) past rounds of this argument. There
is no reason to waste bandwidth on his postings until he provides it.

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