C.elegans /arthropod

Ludvig Mortberg lugmog96 at student.umu.se
Tue Dec 9 20:23:57 EST 1997

>The results suggest that ecdysis (moulting) arose once and support the
>idea of a new _clade_, Ecdysozoa, containing moulting animals: arthropods,
>tardigrades, onychophorans, nematodes, nematomorphs, kinorhynchs and
>priapulids. No support is found for a clade of segmented animals, the
>Articulata, uniting annelids with arthropods. The hypothesis that
>nematodes are related to arthropods has important implications for
>developmental genetic studies using as model systems the nematode
>Caenorhabditis elegans and the arthropod Drosophila melanogaster, which
>are generally held to be phylogenetically distant from each other.
You use the word clade for this grouping. Did you use cladistics when
analysing this 18S data? What outgroup did you use? Is it a distance
study or a cladistic study?


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