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Subject: Re: amitochondriates
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Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 09:44:20 -0400
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> From: awright at uoguelph.ca (Andre-Denis G Wright)
> Dear folks,
>         Recently researchers found evidence of mitochondria-like genes in the
> nuclear genome of certain amitochondriates that suggest that these
> protozoans may have had mitochondria and secondarily lost it, as opposed to
> the classical view that they never had it.  Does anyone have a reference
> for this/these publication(s)?
>         Sincerely,
>         Andre-D.

Sure here are the references:

1.	Germot, A., Philippe, H. & Le Guyader, H. (1996) Proc. Natl. Acad.
Sci. USA 93, 14614-14617.
2.	Germot, A., Philippe, H. & Le Guyader, H. (1997) Mol. Biochem.
Parasitol. 87, 159-168.
3.	Hirt, R. P., Healy, B., Vossbrinck, C. R., Canning, E. U. & Embley,
T. M. (1997) Curr. Biol. 7, 1-4.
4.	Horner, D. S., Hirt, R. P., Kilvington, S., Lloyd, D. & Embley, T. M.
(1996) Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B Biol. Sci. 263, 1053-1059.
5.	Roger, A. J., Clark, C. G. & Doolittle, W. F. (1996) Proc. Natl.
Acad. Sci. USA 93, 14618-14622.
6.	Bui, E. T., Bradley, P. J. & Johnson, P. J. (1996) Proc. Natl. Acad.
Sci. USA 93, 9651-9656.
7.	Clark, C. G. & Roger, A. J. (1995) Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA 92,

And there is a new one for Giardia lamblia:

Roger, A.J., Svard, S.G., Tovar, J., Clark, C.G., Smith, M.W.,
Gillin, F.D. and Sogin, M.L. (1998) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA
(in press)

I'd be happy to send you a preprint of it!

Andrew J. Roger

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