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awright at uoguelph.ca (Andre-Denis G Wright) writes:

> Dear folks,
>         Recently researchers found evidence of mitochondria-like genes in the
> nuclear genome of certain amitochondriates that suggest that these
> protozoans may have had mitochondria and secondarily lost it, as opposed to
> the classical view that they never had it.  Does anyone have a reference
> for this/these publication(s)?
>         Sincerely,
>         Andre-D.

Maybe these ?

Hirt RP, Healy B, Vossbrinck CR, Canning EU, Embley TM
A mitochondrial Hsp70 orthologue in Vairimorpha necatrix: molecular evidence that microsporidia once contained mitochondria.
Curr Biol 1997 Dec 1;7(12):995-998 

Germot A, Philippe H, Le Guyader
Evidence for loss of mitochondria in Microsporidia from a mitochondrial-type HSP70 in Nosema locustae.
Mol Biochem Parasitol 1997 Aug;87(2):159-168 

If you get other references - please let me know 


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