molecules vs. morphology

Thu Jan 2 12:21:35 EST 1997

I am looking for papers, particularly reviews that compare
morphological phylogeny with molecular phylogeny.  I am writing a
small proposal in which I am trying to emphasize how important a good
solid morphological database is for molecular phylogeny.  An excellent
article with good arguments is by Wayne Maddison (Molecular approaches
and the growth of phylogenetic biology) in the book Molecular Zoology
(Eds. Ferraris and Palumbi, 1996).  I believe I am familiar with most
of the books that touch this subject such as Avise's Molecular
Markers, Natural History and Evolution and Molecular Systematics (Eds.
Hillis, Moritz, Mable). I also have the review by Patterson et al.
1993. Congruence between molecular and morpholgical phylogenies. Annu.
Rev. Ecol. Syst. 24:153. I would be very grateful for any further
suggestions.  Thanks!

Nicole Dubilier

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