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Hi, you should be able to order paramecium from Carolina Biological Supply
- I don't have the address off hand, but your biology teacher should.  If
not, let me know and I will try to find it.  By the way, paramecium are
protazoa, not bacterium.

> Please Read.
> I am sorry if this is the wrong place to put a message but it is just 
> trash under the subheading of questions and I don't think you take the 
> questions seriously. I am a high school student who is desparately trying 
> to find a certian type of bacteria.
>         I deon't know if you a familar with a study done by the 
> department of biology at Indiana university called (long name) An 
> exmination of clonal diversity and distribution of both clonal and sexual 
> genotypes in a single population of fresh water snail. What basically 
> happen is that they found with in a single lake that there was the same 
> snail but it reproduced differently in different parts of the pond 
> because of the bacteria in duck excertions.

I am familiar with Curt Lively's work, and I believe that the duck
excretion contained either nematodes (small worms), or their eggs, (rather
than bacterium) which then infected the snails.

 I want to do the same with 
> paramecium. If you can help please leave a message under answer and 
> address the subject to Brittany.
> Thank You.

I'm really impressed that you are doing this project as a high school
student!  Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.  I also
encourage you to contact Dr. Lively before you begin your project.  He is
very friendly and might have some useful suggestions concerning your

Good Luck!


Diana Wolf
Biology Department
Indiana University

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