Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Jan 2 11:49:34 EST 1997

Karl King wrote:
> Mike O'Hara wrote:
> >
> > 1. Firstly, while I agree the Theory of Evolution is a theory, it is a
> > demonstrable theory. A number of high school practicals use a
> > demonstration of the selection of  mutation, one of the cornerstones
> > of the theory.
> My objection, here, is that you fail to mention WHICH theory of
> evolution you are discussing. Darwin, for example, made no mention of
> mutations. He rejected fundamental genetics (he read Naudin's report,
> but rejected it in favor of his own theory of gemmules.)

Umm, *what* "fundamental genetics" are you referring to? I thought gene
theory was lagging a bit behind evolutionary theory in Darwin's time
(funny how that's become reversed these days :)

> And who was the guy who ripped off his father-in-law by selectively
> breeding spotted cattle. Sounds line a practising evolutionist to me.

ha-ha! *very* amusing, indeed! I'll have to remember that one - thanks!
Susan (who can't believe she got dragged into one of these

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