Evolutionary computation

KHEPHER*EN*MU jrmst46+ at pitt.edu
Fri Jan 10 17:14:19 EST 1997


Several weeks ago, there was a post announcing a conference on evol.
computing this spring, somewhere in California.  Because I figured it
would be too heavy on the computer science end-of-things for my taste and
capacities, I let it slip from my directory.  Now, by way of an
undergraduate seminar on the evolution of bacterial pili, of all things,
the topic has resurfaced (I can elaborate if anyone likes).  So if someone
remembers the date/location ,etc. of the meeting, or can re-post the
notice, or knows of a readable introduction to the field, please feel free
to reply.  Thanks in advance,

Jose R. Mediavilla
Dept. of Biological Sciences
University of Pittsburgh

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