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>...  Is there a standard
>method for calculating transition transversion ratios?  For example if you
>do not want to assume the state of a hypothetical ancestor, then does one
>choose the most parsimonious solution for a given position or all

The best way is to fit the tree using maximum likelihood, at a given
transition/transversion ratio (which you feed in as a parameter of the method).
Then record the likelihood.  Do it at other Ts/Tv ratios, and record.
The maximum likelihood estimate of the Ts/Tv ratiion is the one that
achieves the highest likelihood.

This can be done by a number of runs of my program DNAML or by a single
run of David Swofford's forthcoming PAUP*.

This approach solves the problems of deciding among alternative
numbers of transitions and transversions that would be needed to
explain a given set of nucleotides at one site, without any arbitrary

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