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rat/mouse divergence time ?

Marc Robinson robinson at evomol.univ-lyon1.fr
Wed Jan 15 11:22:35 EST 1997

In article <01IE8KW50XMA00DWG2 at RL0002.RULIMBURG.NL>, F.Schaap at FYS.UNIMAAS.NL writes:
>Current times reported for the rat/mouse divergence range from 10-25 mya. Who 
>knows which value is most reliable?

based on paleontology, a date of 12 Myr is usualy considered reasonnable.
Studies based on molecular clocks have pushed it back as far as 35 Myr,
and rarely obtain dates below 20 Myr.

This is a big difference, and I don't think one can simply tell which value
is most reliable. I tend to use the 12-14 Myr date, although a molecular
evolutionist, because I don't think much of molecular clocks, especialy not
in rodents.

some paleontological refs :

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some molecular refs :

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hope this helps,
Marc Robinson

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