Everything communicates

sbrk sbrk at euronet.nl
Thu Jan 16 04:04:17 EST 1997


In principle everything communicates. Nature has provided us with 
both conscious as well as subconscious ways to communicate. 
We humans have extended our natural ways to communicate with 
lots of different mediums, for example, script, telephone, radio, 
television, internet, etc. Complete industries thrive on 
manipulating the subconscious to influence our behaviour. 
Of course the commercial industry is the first one to come to mind. 

But there is a lot more:
The colour of the paint on your wall says something about you, 
it communicates. The smell of coffee may give you a comforting 
feeling, so through to perception it communicates.

Every second our perception is stimulated and that in a way effects 
on how we develop ourselves and more frightening ³how we are 
being developed².

My name is Otto Doorenbos, I am a student at the Academy for 
Industrial Design Eindhoven (Holland).

Maybe this all sounds like very heavy material. I think it¹s not. 
You only have to be aware of it.

I am going to do a project about communication in all it¹s 
(unusual) ways. 

Do you have any comments about this subject, please let 
me know.

Be as bizarre as you can be, surprise me. 

sbrk at euronet.nl

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