Evolution doesn't produce complexity?

Richard M Kliman rkliman at runet.edu
Wed Jan 15 15:51:57 EST 1997

In article <32d7c835.0 at news.iea.net>,
Steve McGrew <stevem at comtch.iea.com> wrote:
>Guru: [angry silence]
>Earnest Student: I'm sure you would agree that selection operates at many 
>places in the life cycle of an organism: competition between sperms, ability 
>to form a viable zygote, ability to repair mutations, ability to make a few 
>errors in replication, ability to got through all the stages of embryo growth, 
>ability to survive right after birth, ability to live to reproductive age, 
>ability to attract one or more mates, ability to attract high fitness mates, 
>ability to produce offspring with a mate, ability to recognize others of the 
>same species, AND, the simple good luck not to be one of those individuals 
>that has to be eliminated in each generation to keep the population small 
>enough to fit into its available niche.  Aren't all of these are accompanied 
>by processes that fall within the broad definition of selection ?
>Guru: [breaks off the conversation in disgust]
>        The Earnest Student wonders if the whole conversation was just a bad 
>dream.  Why did the conversation go sour?

Because your Guru is a jerk?  I think the conversation would have gone 
differently with a less dogmatic Guru.

Rich Kliman

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