Mol Evol and Mol Biol dilemma

John Demboski ftjrd at aurora.alaska.edu
Sat Jan 18 14:39:30 EST 1997

In article <32E063EF.1947 at marian.edu>, Keith Landa <landak at marian.edu> wrote:

> It seems to me that molecular evolution embraces at least two major areas: 
> use of molecular techniques to trace evolutionary relationships, and using 
> evolutionary comparisons to understand how genetic systems evolve.  If 
> hard-core biochemists don't want to have any claim to molecular systematics, 
> then that's their loss. 

you have hit the nail on the head,  that is their loss, though I doubt that
many of the biochemists in my particular department feel that way.  It is
the same as using genes or proteins as markers for systematics studies
without considering (or addressing) at some level their specific molecular
(e.g. transcription) and biochemical (e.g. function) properties, which have
everything to do with their evolution.  or ignoring life history or
ecological traits of the organism under study


John Demboski
University of Alaska Museum
Fairbanks, Alaska 

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