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In addition, you may also enjoy to surf to the Santa Fe Institute,


 to learn about the work of Prof. Stuart Kaufman.

In his 1993 book,
The Origins of Order
Self-Organization and Selection in Evolution
Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-507951-5 (pbk),

he is covering a substantial part of the answer to Airlie's question.

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> Dear molbio.evolution readers,
> I am thinking about writing a program to model sequence evolution.
> Basically I want to be able to (1) input a known sequence (2)mutate it
> using a range of mutation rates and types(ie base pair changes,
> insertions, deletions) (3) use my artificially created sequences as a
> control group for alignment and phylogenetic analysis. Do you know if
> someone has written a program which does this already? Do you know of a=
> papers or references where people attempted similar projects?
> If I do go ahead with this project, I need to establish a reasonable ra=
> of mutation rates / sequence generation (How to set my molecular clock).
> If you know of any source for background mutation rates in different
> organisms, that would be a great resource. Also any basic reference whe=
> I could find the average size and cause of insertion and deletion
> mutations would be helpful.=20
> Thank you for any feedback you might have about this project.

John Hulsenbeck has written a program called TheSiminator and Andrew
Rambaut and Nick Grassly has written Seq-Gen (Sequence Generator). Both
programs could be something you want. You can check out the information
about them at the phylogeny program page maintained by Joe Felsenstein.
The page is:

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