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The IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation will publish archival
journal quality original papers in evolutionary computation and related
areas, with particular emphasis on the practical application of the
techniques to solving real problems in industry, medicine, and other
disciplines.  Specific techniques include but are not limited to
evolution strategies, evolutionary programming, genetic algorithms, and
associated methods of genetic programming and classifier systems.  Papers
emphasizing mathematical results should ideally seek to put these results
in the context of algorithm design, however purely theoretical papers will
be considered.  Other papers in the areas of cultural algorithms, artificial
life, molecular computing, evolvable hardware, and the use of simulated
evolution to gain a better understanding of naturally evolved systems are
also encouraged.

Papers must conform to IEEE standard submission guidelines which are
available in IEEE transactions (for example, see the IEEE Transactions on
Neural Networks or the IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems). Those
wanting to receive an author's information booklet from the IEEE can
request this at trans at ieee.org.

Six (6) hard copies of the manuscript should be sent to:

David B. Fogel
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation
c/o Natural Selection, Inc.
3333 N. Torrey Pines Ct., Suite 200
La Jolla, CA  92037

The editor-in-chief will be pleased to comment on the suitability of other
submissions at the request of the authors.  Further questions can be
directed to d.fogel at ieee.org.  The transactions will appear quarterly.

Associate Editors

L. Altenberg, R.W. Anderson, P.J. Angeline, P. Argos, T. Baeck, H.-G. Beyer,
M. Conrad, D. Corne, M. Dorigo, R.C. Eberhart, A. Eiben, T. Fukuda,
T. Furuhashi, R. Galar, H. Iba, G.F. Joyce, J.-H. Kim, H. Kitano,
J.R. Koza, W.G. Macready, J.R. McDonnell, Z. Michalewicz, V. Nissen,
V.W. Porto, N.J. Radcliffe, R.G. Reynolds, R.L. Riolo, M.M. Rizki,
M. Schoenauer, H.-P. Schwefel, A.V. Sebald, R.E. Smith, C. Taylor,
L. Tesfatsion, H.-M. Voigt, M.D. Vose, X. Yao

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