Inactivated SALK vaccine

Gustavo Palacios ustavopa at interserver.com.ar
Mon Jan 27 06:34:58 EST 1997

D you know a way to explain why a inactivated vaccine as Salk can generate
a inmune response that protect humans to poliomyelitis since 1960 ?.
I expect that an RNA virus as PV can mutate in a way to "escape" from the
inmune response generated to the same antigen ? Or the vaccine is variated
along the time as the FMDV vaccine, (that it is other vaccine, by the way,
that must to be variated to mantain protection while the virus mutated in
the field ?
Do you know about some work in this specific field ?

Thanks in advance and forgive for my English

Gustavo Palacios
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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