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Arturo Godoy Morales agodoy at KIRIKA.UVG.EDU.GT
Tue Jan 28 00:22:57 EST 1997

Dear Mol-Evol Members:

     Greetings from Guatemala.  A few days ago I sent a message, but it
seems that it did not get through, I apologize if it did.  But I asked if
anyone has a bit of time to send me references on evolution papers from the
magazines Science, Nature and Scientific American, since these are the ones
that at our University we receive up to date; we have some others such as
American Scientist, American zoologist, Biological Bullttin, but these we no
longer receive for more than five years.  But I would also appreciate
if anyone would have some extra copies of other papers, or whatever
information, to please send it to me.  I would be most grateful.

The mail address is:

Arturo Godoy
M-112 P.O.BOX 591828
Miami, Florida 331159-1828

     Thank you very much for your attention.

     Best Wishes,

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