Call for Symposia -- SSB/SSE Annual Meetings 1998 (REPOST)

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                          Call for Symposia
                     SSB/SSE 1998 Annual Meeting

The 1998 annual meetings of the Society of Systematic Biologists and
the Society for the Study of Evolution will be held in Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada, 20-24 June. The Councils of SSB and SSE
invite proposals for symposia to be held in conjunction with those
meetings. Detailed requirements for symposium proposals for each
society follow. Please note that symposium proposals for SSB and SSE
have different requirements and are to be sent to different addresses.

                   Society of Systematic Biologists

Symposium proposals for SSB should include:

   1) a descriptive title;
   2) one or two paragraphs explaining the purpose of the symposium and 
      its relevance to systematics;
   3) a list of the presentations, including proposed speakers, their
      affiliations/institutions, and titles;
   4) an indication of whether the speakers have been invited and whether
      they have agreed to participate;
   5) the length of each talk.

The Society is particularly interested in symposia whose topics do not
overlap those from previous meetings, that introduce new ideas or
synthesize important concepts, or that are particularly good examples
of the analysis of empirical data. Proposals that unite systematics
with other fields are also desirable. We encourage participation from
young investigators and others typically underrepresented in symposia.

Symposia are restricted to half-day sessions. Limited partial funding
is available. Two proposals will be selected at the 1997 Council
meeting. The target date for receipt of proposals is 1 May
1997. E-mail or mail proposals to:

   Dr. Chris Simon, Program Director
   Society of Systematic Biologists
   Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, U-43
   University of Connecticut
   Storrs, CT   06269-3043
   e-mail: CSimon at UConnVM.UConn.Edu
           (Please send as non-coded ASCII text files.)

                  Society for the Study of Evolution

Symposium proposals for SSE should include:

   1) a synopsis of the symposium theme;
   2) a tentative list of speakers and topics;
   3) a rationale for the symposium explaining why this topic and this
      set of speakers are particularly appropriate for a Society-sponsored

In evaluating symposium proposals the Council will favor those
proposals whose topics concern newly emerging fields, fields ripe for
synthesis, and fields different from those that have been included in
recent Society symposia. The Council particularly encourages proposals
that include speakers from groups traditionally underrepresented in
Society symposia, e.g., postdoctoral research associates and new
assistant professors, investigators from outside North America, women,
and members of racial or ethnic minorities.

The Council expects to select only two proposals for half-day symposia
at its meeting in June 1997. All proposers will be notified of the
Council's decision in early July. The Society will provide partial
travel support for organizers and participants in sponsored
symposia. Details are available on request. To be assured of full
consideration proposals must be received at the following address by 5
May 1997:

   Dr. Kent E. Holsinger, Executive Vice President
   Society for the Study of Evolution
   Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, U-43
   University of Connecticut
   Storrs, CT   06269-3043
   e-mail: Kent at Darwin.EEB.UConn.Edu
           (Please send as plain ASCII text. Wordprocessor files may be 
            sent as MIME or UUencoded documents. Please do not send
            as BinHexed documents.)

-- Kent Holsinger, Executive Vice President
   Society for the Study of Evolution

Kent E. Holsinger                Kent at Darwin.EEB.UConn.Edu
-- Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology          
-- University of Connecticut, U-43                                       
-- Storrs, CT   06269-3043                                               

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