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What is the most common genetic abnormally?

Dan Symonds daniel.symonds at gecm.com
Fri Jun 27 10:08:53 EST 1997

Lynne Jeffers wrote:
> HH Awareness <c845a at geocities.com> writes:
> >Re: What is the most commom genetic abnormally?
> I'm curious if there is a real answer to this question...
> But I've always thought nearsightedness was a pretty common inherited
> "abnormality." I figured nearsightedness got selected out of populations
> pretty quickly back in the days on the savannah... :-)  And it re-entered
> human populations by mutation, and since we've had eyeglasses for the
> past several hundred years, it hasn't been much of a criterion for
> natural selection...
> I have no basis whatsoever for these opinions. I just like contemplating
> and speculating.

Does the advent of eyeglasses significantly affect the likelihood of
genetic survival?

I would have thought the days when we had to (for instance) see a
predator coming in order to significantly increase our chance of
survival were long gone ...

Or could it be that we don't choose ideal breeding partners if we don't
see too well? ;)

Again, pure speculation ...

Dan. (nearly blind, but surviving nicely, thanks).

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