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Jurassic park lecture

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>Subject: Jurassic park lecture
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In addition to  the Cano papers are those by especially Rob de 
Salle, who is a thoroughly rigorous biochemist who has some really good data 
on cretaceous insects in amber, and he dosnt overhype his claims. Svante Paabo 
has many papers, generally on less ancient material (e.g. Nature 340(1989)465, 
and many subsequently), a recent paper by Ed Golenberg (PNAS 93 (1996) 1190) 
elevated the activity from a "gee-wiz - look I've got the oldest" game to a 
genuinely valuable application to resolve an interesting phylogenetic problem, 
and is well worth a look. You are aware, I presume, of Russel Higuchi's early 
pioneering work in the days before PCR when he used brute force techniques to 
achieve the first successful cloning of ancient DNA (from the quagga).
Many reports probably only describe contaminating recent DNA. My crowning 
achievement was to get 100% perfect mouse DNA from a piece of extinct Bluebuck 
(Hippotragus leucophaeus) skin... 


>my prof, being a newbie on the web, asked me (his pH.D. student)
>the following question:
>'Could you search the internet for more information on ancient
>DNA sequencing and retrieving DNA from insects captured in amber?'
>He has to give a small lecture to a group of people who are going
>to watch the movie 'Jurrassic Park' after that. He is supposed
>to give more insight in the possibility of such a concept.

>Now I ask your help:
>Is there someone who can give me (references to) information
>about real research done on ancient DNA sequencing, in particular 
>of dino's or extinct animals/insects?

>Please mail me directly at the following address:
>M.L.van.Roosmalen at biol.rug.nl


>Maarten van Roosmalen
>Mol. Genetics Dept.
>Biological Center
>Univ. of Groningen
>Haren (The Netherlands).

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