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Evolution or Creation? You Decide :)

Rob Miller rmiller at house.med.und.ac.za
Thu Mar 27 10:40:25 EST 1997

<sigh>, The real question is why I'm getting drawn into this.

Joe Potter wrote:
> Rob,
> (jp)
> > >         As Niles Eldredege points out in "Reinventing Darwin" on page


> > > genes --- why in the heck did the mixing of genes on a 50-50 basis
> arise???
> [me:] 
> > I suggest you read up on a computational search technique called
> > a "genetic algorithm".  They are very simple and easy to program,


> > `sexual' mixing of genes and see which way produces a healthy
> > population for a given `fitness function' faster.
>         Why would I do this??? I did not write that Dr. Eldredge claimed that
> meiosis was inferior to mitosis, as he did not claim this. I wrote that he
> asks why meiosis arose IF the game is for the genes to make as many copies
> of themselves as possible.

No, you asked, as quoted above, "why in the heck did the mixing of genes
on a 
50-50 basis arise???"  I attempted to give evidence from an informatics 
perspective that mixing of genes is advantageous for survival of a
in a given environment, and hence "for the genes to make as many copies
themselves as possible."  Indeed, perhaps this is not a completely
characterization of "the game".

In answer to your current question, "Why would I do this???", obviously 
so that you might learn and expose yourself to new ideas and situations.

>         By the way, I'm sure you know this is a large controversy in the
> Ultra-Darwinist camp, why pretend it is not????

What you are sure of is not true.  I have no knowledge nor interest in 
"the Ultra-Darwinist camp" (is that run by the Parks Board ? :-), I am
interested in computational approaches to protein structure prediction.


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