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Time to change the newsgroup name?

Joe Felsenstein joe at evolution.genetics.washington.edu
Thu May 1 08:55:19 EST 1997

In article <5ka2t5$63r at news.u-strasbg.fr>,
Francois JEANMOUGIN <jeanmougin at igbmc.u-strasbg.fr> wrote:
>In article <5k9qoq$22h at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>,
>	James McInerney <J.McInerney at nhm.ac.uk> writes:
>> I think the time is ripe again to have a discussion about our newsgroup
>> name.  The last time we mentioned this subject was about last July. [...]
>> bionet.molbio.phylogeny
>> What does everybody else think?
>	I suggested this to Joe last year, because I'm already losing
>lot of tiome on news, and when I go in such of my favorite newsgroup,
>I'm a little bit disapointed that the only messages available are not
>about molecular biology of evolution, but religion
>... Another soution could be a moderator...

Contrary to a widespread impression, I am not in charge of this
newsgroup, however loudmouthed I may be.  

Given all the creationist postings, which usually start out with the
same dishonest approach: "I am just a student who is a bit puzzled by
evolution theory.  Could anyone explain how ..."  it is clearly now time
to moderate this newsgroup, so the creationist debaters can go back to
talk.origins where their discussion properly belongs.  We can clearly see
that molecular-evolution posting are declining on this newsgroup as
people interested in this area stop reading it.

I don't think that calling it "bionet.molbio.phylogeny" (I am using the US
forms of the newsgroup names) would have any effect on the creationists
as they ignore the "molbio" in the newsgroup name anyway and post lots of
stuff that is not related to molecules at all.

I do not have time to be the moderator.  Do we have a volunteer?  When we do,
we can get the process started.   Until then our bandwidth will continue
to be monopolized by that same innocent student and that same old set
of questions.

Joe Felsenstein         joe at genetics.washington.edu     (IP No.
 Dept. of Genetics, Univ. of Washington, Box 357360, Seattle, WA 98195-7360 USA

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