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Stephen C. Lougheed lougheed at biology.queensu.ca
Sat May 31 15:11:41 EST 1997


* The Canadian Museum of Nature and Queen's University are presenting an
intensive workshop dedicated to providing a limited number of students (25)
the opportunity to interact with, and be taught by, some of the pre-eminent
POLICY and LAW (SEE FACULTY LIST BELOW); all assembled to provide a
uniquely integrated approach to the study of biodiversity. For anyone who
has experienced the anonymity of large college classes or giant
conferences/professional meetings, the opportunity to discuss major
concepts and issues with some of the foremost thinkers in these fields will
prove an exciting, involving, and intellectually rewarding experience.

* The course runs from July 9 through August 7 in Ottawa and  Kingston
(Canada), and at the Queen's Biological Station (north of Kingston).
Although the course is 4 weeks long, the first five days (Ottawa) comprise
an overview module that can be attended without continuing for the
remainder of the course.  This primary module allows more time-constrained
participants an immersion into the field of issues centred on  biodiversity
and systematics.

* Further details and an on-line application form is provided at our web
site: http://biology.queensu.ca/~biodiv or call 613-545-6128.


* Dr. James ANDERSON - University of Toronto * Dr. Robert ANDERSON -
Canadian Museum of Nature * Mr. Ian ATTRIDGE, LL.B. Canadian Institute of
Environmental Law and Policy * Dr. Robert BAILEY - University of Western
Ontario * Dr. Jamie BENEDICKSON - University of Ottawa * Dr. Irwin BRODO -
Canadian Museum of Nature * Dr. Adele CROWDER - Queen's University * Dr.
Chris ECKERT - Queen's University * Dr. Joel ELLIOTT - Queen's University *
Dr. Mark ENGSTROM - Royal Ontario Museum * Dr. Scott FINDLAY - University
of Ottawa * Dr. Claude GASCON - INPA (Brasil) & Smithsonian Institution *
Dr. Paul HANDFORD - University of Western Ontario * Dr. John HARTWICK -
Queen's University * Dr. Chris HUMPHRIES - Natural History Museum, London *
Dr. Michael HUSTON - Oakridge National Laboratory * Mr. Jeremy KERR, M.Sc.
- York University * Mr. Dale KRISTENSEN, M.Sc. - Queen's University * Dr.
Avrim LAZAR - Asst. Deputy Minister, Environment Canada (Fed) * Dr. Thomas
LOVEJOY - Smithsonian Institution * Dr. Denis LYNN - University of Guelph *
Mr. Kevin MCNAMEE, Canadian Nature Federation * Dr. Don MCALLISTER -
Canadian Museum of Nature * Dr. Robert MONTGOMERIE - Queen's University *
Dr. Karl NIKLAS - Cornell University * Dr. Tom NUDDS - University of Guelph
* Dr. Allen ORR, University of Roshester * Dr. Lawrence PACKER - York
University * Dr. Stuart PIMM - University of Tennessee * Ms. Irene PISANTY,
M.Sc. - Commision for Environmental Co-operation * Dr. Steven POLASKY -
Oregon State University * Mr. Steven PRICE, M.Sc. - WWF Canada * Ms. Leslie
RYE, M.Sc. - University of Guelph * Dr. Michael SANDERSON - University of
California at Davis * Dr. Gilles SEUTIN - McGill University * Dr. Dan
SIMBERLOFF - Florida State University * Dr. Gordon SURGEONER - University
of Guelph * Dr. Debora VANNIJNATTEN - Queen's University * Dr. Peter
WAINWRIGHT - Florida State University *

Dr. Stephen C. Lougheed
International Summer School on Biodiversity and Systematics
Department of Biology
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 3N6 Canada
Telephone: (613) 545-6128
FAX: (613) 545-6617
email: lougheed at biology.queensu.ca  or  biodiv at biology.queensu.ca

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