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Comparing phylogenetic trees.

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Subject: Re: Comparing phylogenetic trees.
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From: "Andrew J. Roger" <roger at evol5.mbl.edu>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 11:15:28 -0400
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Berend Snel wrote:
> Hello,
> I have some questions about comparing (the topology of) phylogenetic
> trees?
> (i) Page has introduced a formalization of comparing (oa) gene and
> species trees. The difference is explained by a reconciled tree. Is there
> a UNIX program of this method available, and if so where?
> (ii) Are there any other methods/programs available for comparing trees,
> which use more information (for example bootstrap values) and/or offer
> other ways to reconcile the trees (e.g. in terms of horizontal transfer).
> If anybody knows anything about these things and inform me about them, I
> would greatly appriciate  some of his remarks.
> ,Berend Snel
> snel at embl-heidelberg.de

Perhaps you should check out Rod Page's Home Page which lists
a number of his programs for dealing with tree-comparison
(I think that maybe his program COMPARE, might be what you
are looking for).

His URL is:

Hope this helps.

Andrew J. Roger

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