Evolutionary remnants in non-coding regions

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In Article <343E309E.2861C67C at bc.edu>, Charlie Hoffman <hoffmacs at bc.edu>
> >Here are my questions.
> >1.  Is it valid to suggest that this indicates the fission yeast gene
> >arose from a larger "standard-length" precursor and that what I am
> >seeing is an evolutionary remnant?
> >2.  Are there computer programs that can ignore the fact that I have a
> >stop codon and produce a protein alignment that includes this region?
> >3.  Are there other examples of this phenomenon?  I do not consider
> >to be the same as pseudogenes, since my protein is expressed
I have one example with the 3' part of a gene , this was published by
Vernet et al Evolutionary study of multigenic families mapping close to
the human MHC class I region. 
J Mol Evol 37(6), 600-612 (1993) .

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