Evolution and Environmentalism

Dylan NICHOLSON dnich at cat.cs.mu.OZ.AU
Thu Sep 4 19:19:39 EST 1997

>> Gosh, it sounds like to solve this horrible problem you would institute
>> the eugenics of extreme century social darwinism.

>Actually, it sounds like you would (your idea and all).  Besides, do you find
>it ironic that we would have to fiddle with our genes only to solve problems
>that would not exist is we hadn't spent our time fiddling with other stuff and
>instead let nature do it's thing?

So explain to me why human behaviour is not 'nature doing it's thing'? Are
we not part of nature?

>> We are probably better prepared to solve crop failures due to disease,
>> mainly through genetic technology, than ever before in history

>Now on to the mold and insect/rodent predation... DOH!

That doesn't change the correctness of the statement - we're not PERFECT
but we're a lot BETTER.

>> Problems, problems, problems...Human history has your answers.

>Just so I'll know, Mr. Hale, where in human history do you find evidence that
>technology has made us immune to weather?  I can find plenty of examples to
>the opposite, but can you help me with your 'answers'.  If human history (the
>time that led up to the present) has answers to all of our current problems,
>then why aren't we using them?

That was a rather odd answer, and your criticisms are fair. I prefer to believe
the future has the answers, based on a history of escalating technological
sophistication (which no-one has yet proved any physical constraints to, other
than exceeding the speed of light).

>> World, behold, the next Malthus; stand aside Ehrlich, back away Meadows,
>> our next author of millennialist nonsense has arrived, I present Tracy
>> Maurer.

>Wow, personal insults, how clever.

I agree, I see little point in personal attacks.

>Why can't anyone convince me that there are serious problems with society?
>I'm open minded and all, but I can't find any good arguements...

I'm scared to say it, but I'm not entirely sure what your point is here...
if you're being satirical, then about what? If you're being serious, then
why so many people are unhappy?


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bothered really...

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