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Evolution and Environmentalism

Dylan NICHOLSON dnich at cat.cs.mu.OZ.AU
Sun Sep 7 01:52:08 EST 1997

Kermit Duncan <jodunca2 at vt.edu> writes:

<big snip about agriculturalist/hunter gather debate>
>... unlike our 10000 year old society that doesn't work and keeps
>falling apart and rebuilding itself, but never getting better, only worse.

Well I think this is unnecessarily pessimistic, but you are entitled to
this view.

I will respond to your story about Cains and Abels when I have had time to
come up with a neat answer, of which I only have fragments in my head
currently! :-)

>> >> We are probably better prepared to solve crop failures due to disease,
>> >> mainly through genetic technology, than ever before in history
>> >>
>> >Now on to the mold and insect/rodent predation... DOH!
>> That doesn't change the correctness of the statement - we're not PERFECT
>> but we're a lot BETTER.

>Whatever... that is a value judgement that I don't care to tangle myself with.

Better is not a value judgement. We grow more crops that we would if it weren't
for genetic technology...that's all. I would go on to say this makes us
better at surviving. But I would stop far short of saying this must be better
for anyone in particular, human or otherwise.

>You didn't say that the future has answers, you said that human history (you know,
>the past) has them.  If your ideas were poorly organized, I can't help you.  Also,
>if conditions are worsening and species are dying higher than any scientific
>estimates say they naturally should, then when are all of these future answers
>supposed to get here? or are we supposed to remain optimistic until we're dead?

Um I think you have me confused. I never mentioned history, except indirectly,
in connection to evolution. History has made us the way we are, and thus will
control our we are in the future. I'm not sure what the poster who claimed
'history has the answers' was trying to make, perhaps he would like to

..yes I *do* know how to write signature files, but I just can't be
bothered really...

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