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Is giant "bugs" possible??

Dan O'Conner doconner at netcom.ca
Mon Sep 8 16:41:23 EST 1997

In article <34105F6F.B1633064 at stud.hivolda.no>,
	Hauk Langlo <Hauk.Langlo at stud.hivolda.no> wrote:
>Hello. If I'm not wrong, this is a forum for all kind of people with
>more or less knowledge in different aspects of biology. Before I ask my
>question, I would like say that I have absolutely NO education or
>experience with biology, so please dont laugh to my question.
>    I know that insects and arachnids could be unbelievable big in
>prehistoric times. I know that these creatures are prevented from
>growing bigger than today due to limited amounts of oxygen in the air. I
>also know that some of these insects have been altered by virtually no
>genetic evolution ever since then.
>    What if those days environment (oxygen, moist, temperature, light,
>etc.) was simulated in a huge tank or something? (The oxygen level and
>temperature could even be raised above the "30 000 000 BC" standard. And
>the availability of healthy food should also been taken care of, maybe
>spiced up by steroids or other interesting chemicals). Would insects and
>arachnids grow up to be the same gigantic beasts as they once where????
>(Up to 50 cm.)
>I guess that some boring realities makes the answer a "NO way!". But
>anyway, I would appreciate a comment from anyone who knows a bit about
>these things. It was just an idea that popped up one of these days, and
>I am just curious about the whole thing.
>Hauk "Frankenstein" Langlo
>Hauk.Langlo at stud.hivolda.no
>(an ordinary man totally without any biology knowledge whatsoever)
>No offense, but your watching too much sci-fi. Oxygen has very little to do with growth, try genetics. D.O'Conner

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