how to make the phylogeny tree readable?

James McInerney jamm at nhm.ac.uk
Mon Sep 29 09:02:47 EST 1997

Michael Man wrote:
> I have generated a phylogeny tree from a large set of sequences (250)
> using PROTPARS and DRAWTREE programs in PHYLIP.  But the names of
> sequences on my tree are too small to read.  I have tried to use different
> font files without any improvement.  Can anyone suggest a better way or
> different program to solve this problem?
> Thanks.
> -michael


Presuming that you use either a mac or a windows machine, one of the nicest,
mose user-friendly tree viewing programs is treeview.  It is available on the
web from:

http://taxonomy.zoology.gla.ac.uk/software.html#Tree viewing

It will allow you to carry out a great many different tree manipulations that
might serve to fulfill your requirements.

Hope this is of some assistance.


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