Sequence differences between man and chimp genomes

Family Albrecht calbrec at iafrica.com
Fri Feb 6 11:21:51 EST 1998

The chimp is the closest organism to man and there is a 99% homology in
DNA sequences. What do we know about the other 1%? Surely this critical
DNA should be the object of intensive analysis because it could lead us
to the molecular essence of "humaness"? I believe technology exists for
genome subtraction in the test tube, isolation, cloning and sequencing,
so why cant I find any papers on the subject except that of Ueda et al
(Genomics,8, 7-12, 1990 -"Human-specific sequences:Isolation of
species-specific DNA regions by genome subtraction"). They claim to have
isolated a sequence about 2000 bp long which is absent in the chimpanzee!
What could this be? Current dogma has it that human DNA contains no new
genes compared to the chimp-only small changes. Is this true? Any
comments will be appreciated.

Carl Albrecht

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