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Rumyana Mironova rumym at obzor.bio21.acad.bg
Fri Feb 6 11:08:24 EST 1998

At 07:58 31/01/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi everybody!
>I have a doubt about the leader sequences present 5' to the translation
>initiation codons. I want to know how to find out how
>big is the leader sequence in my promoter sequence. I know the putative
>TATA box and the translation start codon. My promoter is an LTR of a
>retrotransposon and is of 372 bp.
>Thanx a lot.

Leader sequences never reside within promoter sequences. You're right to
"have a doubt". Leader sequences code for the signal peptids of the
secreated and transmembrane proteins. So, they must be present in the
translated portion of the genes and what you have to do is to search for you
leader just AFTER the translation initiation codon. Leader sequences are
usually about 60 bp long and respectively encode signal peptides of about 20

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