exon intron

Arlin Stoltzfus arlin at is.dal.ca
Thu Feb 12 13:48:54 EST 1998

Pierre Pontarotti wrote:
> Hello I am looking for a data base that show all the genes for which the
> exon intron  organization is known

I fear that there is no database with a special flag indicating 
that the exon/intron organization is known.  In GenBank, one 
can look for features "intron" or "exon" in the features 
table.  But if these features are absent, this does not 
mean that the genomic organization is unknown-- it might be 
that the gene has no introns, or it has introns and exons 
implicit in the "join" statement, but not explicit in the 
features table.  

It would be very useful for databases to have obligatory 
designations like "complete/partial" and "genomic/other".

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