exon intron

Arlin Stoltzfus arlin at is.dal.ca
Wed Feb 18 19:24:42 EST 1998

newsmgr at merrimack.edu wrote:

> Using NCBI's Entrez (at least the network version) one can search for the
> term "biomol genomic" using the field "Properties" in the nucleotide
> databases.  This is guaranteed to find ONLY those sequences that are from
> genomic DNA, not mRNA/cDNA.  Of course you still gotta look at the entry to

Is it really "guaranteed"?  My understanding is that there are 
some entries-- perhaps only older ones-- for which one must 
actually go back to the primary literature to determine for 
certain whether or not the sequence is genomic.  Have all these 
been retro-fitted to the new standard?  

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