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Possible subject on evolution...

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Subject: Re: Possible subject on evolution...
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From: "Matt Fain" <mattfain at siu.edu>
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Thanks for the refs.  This is a topic that I hadn't heard about
since undergrad bacterial genetics, and I must say at the time I was
surprised at the attention it received, as well as incredulous of
some of the claims made.  Anyway, I had just recently been wondering
about the current state of the controversy again last week as I
prepared a lecture for an intro evolution class on mutation.  Thanks

Matthew Fain

January Weiner wrote in message <69lc5j$ssb at net.bio.net>...
>> Hi all,
>> Can anyone suggest a good topic concerning evolutionary emphasis
and is
>> fairly controversial.
> Maybe the directed mutation controversy?
> There have been some new articles in Nature last year concerning
>this subject. Here are some older references to start with:
> Sniegowski and Lenski, 1995. Mutation and adaptation: the directed
>mutation controversy in evolutionary perspective. Annu. Rev. Evol.
> Cairns J., Foster PL. Adaptive reversion of a frameshift mutation
>in E. coli. Genetics 128:367-81
> January Weiner 3

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