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Marvin Wasserman Msw$biol at qc1.qc.edu
Mon Jul 27 19:18:29 EST 1998

HI     Could you kindly send the following announcement to all 
interested parties. Thank you 

The Drosophila Species Center (formerly the National Drosophila 
Species Center), housed at Bowling Green State University since 
1982, is a unique collection of Drosophila species that provides 
material to researchers in over 40 countries. The Center maintains 
265 species representing 33 species groups and genera in the family 
Drosophilidae, with a total of 1,405 strains at present: the most 
diverse collection of living organisms in the world. Both 
geographically-based wild type and mutant strains ar represented, 
with mutant D. melanogaster stocks maintained at the Bloomington 
Drosophila stock Center at Indiana University. The Center is funded 
by the National Science Foundation, and filled 324 requests for a 
total of 1,165 subcultures during 1997. the Center is staffed by a 
Director and 3.5 FTE support staff. An Advisory Committee comprised 
of 5 scientists who represent various disciplines in Drosophila 
biology; this committee oversees stewardship and policy of the 

Due to programmatic changes at BGSU, the university is prepared to 
transfer the center to a new locality at the end of the current 
contract, March 1, 2001. Proposals for the future management of the 
collection will need to be sent to NSF by early July 1999. The 
Center's advisory  committee has outlined criteria that would be 
opimal for the new  institution which manages the collection.

Briefly, the Direector should be a scientist with an active research 
program in a field served by the Center (population biology, 
genetics, systematics, evolutionary biology, development)and with 
knowledge of species other than Drosophila melanogaster. The Director 
should have strong administrative and communication skills: provide 
evidence for long-term institutional commitment to the Center; and 
have an active role in its developmant. A new institution home would 
ideally have approximately 2,000 sq. ft. of space available for the 
Center, with presently existing modern facilities or the capacity to 
develop such facilities. 

The Advisory Committee is available for discussion with any 
interested member of the Drosophila community Contact information is 
listed below

Bill Heed, Chair, Univ. Arizona: (520) 621-1835
David Grimaldi, Amer Museum Natural History: grimaldi at amnh.org
Marty Kreitman, Univ Chicago: mke at midway.uchicago.edu
Kathy Matthews,Bloomington Drosophila Stoci Center:
                      matthewk at indiana.edu
Marv Wasserman, Queens College (CUNY): msw$biol at qc1.qc.edu


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