Graduate research in applied ecological genetics

Virginie Vervoort vvervoo at hubcap.clemson.edu
Tue Jul 28 19:25:37 EST 1998

Graduate research assistantship (renewable for up to two years) in
Applied Ecological Genetics available at Clemson University, starting
fall semester 1998 (August) or spring semester 1999 (January).  We seek
an individual with an interest in utilizing molecular markers to assess
gene flow (by pollen and seed) from cultivated plants to wild
relatives.  The long term goal is to assess ecological risks of
transgene escape from bioengineered crops to wild relatives.  Current
research focuses on strawberries, is funded by the Biotechnology Risk
Assessment Program of USDA, and involves a team of scientists at Clemson
including Drs. Abbott and Rajapakse (molecular biology), Spira
(population biology) Tonkyn (theoretical ecology), and Westman
(postdoctoral associate coordinating the research).  Candidates should
have background and interest in plant genetics/ecology and experience
using molecular techniques.

Contact Dr. Albert G. Abbott (aalbert at clemson.edu) or Dr. Anne L.
Westman (awestma at clemson.edu), Department of Biological Sciences,
Clemson University, Clemson SC, 29634-1903; Phone 864-656-3060; Fax
864-656-0435.  Clemson University is an equal opportunity /affirmative
action employer.

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