Frequency/distribution of nucleotides/amino acids before selection

Donald R. Forsdyke forsdyke at post.queensu.ca
Thu Nov 5 18:54:41 EST 1998

Dr.Ram Samudrala wrote:

> (Assuming, for the moment, that the organism's fitness is primarily
> determined by proteins.)

Well, "primarily" perhaps, but without that caveat I would be inclined
not to accept that assumption also.

> But I am referring to cases where the DNA and
> the corresponding transcript (not necessarily the translated product)
> is under no selective pressure in nature.

Sorry, assumption not accepted.

> There's no doubt
> that once it becomes a protein-encoding gene selection is acting on
> it.

Yes, selection continues to act, just it did before the region became

Sincerely, Donald Forsdyke

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