Frequency/distribution of nucleotides/amino acids before selection

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	Dr.Ram Samudrala <ram.samudrala at stanford.nojunkemail> writes:

> So you are asserting that ALL regions of DNA are under selective
> pressure the same way a normal gene is?

	Well, the question is :

	What is a normal gene ?

	As far as I know, and this could be an excellent topic for
	bionet.genome.gene-structure, there is nothing more complicated
	that the interaction between: the gene, the flanking sequences,
	the regulation sequences, the specific regulatory genes, and
	the chromatin regulation.

	If you try, one day, to model those interactions, you will
	probably touch how evolution can be so continuous (not sure
	it is the word) and not "jumpy".

	Just have a look on recent publications about TIFs and HP1.
	And other ones regarding chromatin. Perhaps Jerry could add
	some references here ?

	Well, not sure I have to add a followup-To because
	it seems that some of you are using the mail2news bionet

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